<meta />The Kingdom of Cartowitt is run by the Five Suits, the royal rulers of the land spiritually chosen by the goddess of time, space and fate, Silshaar. The five positions are clever Joker, elegant Diamond, tough Heart, youthful Clove and leader Spade. Using the gifts of the goddess the five rule over and protect the land of Cartowitt. In the capital is Queen Spade. To the southwest rules the desert protector Heart, personal guard to the Queen when she is in the capital. To the southeast of the capital is the tropical coasts ruled by Diamond. To the northeast of the capital likes the great mountains watched by Joker. Lastly the meadows and forests lie to the northwest, ruled by Clove.

The Suits are an odd phenomenon ruled by patterns. Every time a suit dies, someone in the population becomes the new Suit by receiving the Sign of the Suit; a birthmark in the center of the chest in the shape of either a star, heart, diamond, club or spade. The spade always becomes the leader of the Kingdom, and somehow the Joker and Spade always manage to fall in love. The Diamond is the oldest, the Clove is the youngest and the Heart is second in command to the Spade.

The story starts with a holiday. This particular holiday, is the Wedding day of Queen Spade and Joker…

The Hand We're Dealt

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