The youth of the Suits.


Countess Clove is, in physical maturity, the youngest of the Suits. However her being an elf and all, complicates things, as in years she is the oldest of the Suits. Her vibrancy and youthful cheer make her extremely favored by the public, though it’s said to get lost in the forests she rules over is a lethal mistake.


What Clove Has Shared With the Public:
Clove’s youthful na├»vety lends itself to her sometimes oversharing with the public what it means to be a Suit. Out of all the Suits, Clove is the mostly likely one to complain about tabloids, or accidentally say something slightly rude about a dignitary. However this is considered the nature of a Clove.
Clove has told the public many things basically. She grew up in a family of elves that decided to spend their long lives procreating; she has 48 siblings. She’s one of the younger siblings and looked up to her older sister a lot. In fact it was her older sister she told first about being trans. Her Sister was very accepting and comforting and helped her anyway she could. Now that she is Countess Clove, unfortunately Clove can never see her family again which causes her a lot of strife.
Clove has never revealed how she got her mark.


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