Queen Spade's right-hand.


Princess Heart rules over the southwestern desert but is ever-ready to venture to the capital if Queen Spade needs her—though it should be mentioned that despite the title, Princess Heart isn’t related to Queen Spade. Heart is more open about her past with the public, specifically how honored she is that a half-orc such as herself was even considered to be Heart, representing love and motherly values.


What Heart Has Shared With the Public:

Before receiving the Mark of Heart, she has admitted that her life was not pleasant. Heart never knew her parents and grew up in an orphanage, looked down upon for her orc-side. Heart has implied some trauma in her past but has never gone into it. Instead she prefers to recount her days spent alone in the desert, trying to find her purpose in life when she received her mark. Now that she is the Princess Heart she spends her time preaching love, compassion and trying to quell the offensive stereotypes orcs face.


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