Stand-Up Comedienne turned Demi-God.


Joker is the only Suit actively held suspect by the larger public. This is most likely because they are a Drow, though also because their ruling area of the northern mountains has so few visitors they are considered rather mysterious. Still Joker does their best to get people laughing, though that is probably not the best idea when the air is so thin on top of their mountains.


What Joker Has Shared With the Public:
Joker had a rough upbringing in the Underdark. Their family was murdered when they were small, and they would have been killed too if it weren’t for their sense of humor. They were able to make their would-be murderers laugh, and they attempted to adopt the Joker as their own. Joker stayed just long enough to get their trust and steal their stuff before they left the Underdark to head for the surface. On the surface they again used their wits and humor to win over allies, getting people to trust them through laughter and entertainment.
Joker has not revealed how they got their mark.


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